Love to Swim , Swim for Safety , Swim for Life


The Christmas Colouring In competition is now finished – congratulations to all of our winners! Prizes are now available for pick up!

6 x Winners over 4 years old: (3 from NAC, 3 from EB’s): Wet and Wild Sydney Season Pass (value $110 each).
2 x winners under 4 years: (1 from NAC, 1 from EB’s): 1 month free swimming lessons (value $80 each).
Runners up prizes x 4: Prizepacks (2 from NAC, 2 from EB’s), consisting of:
A pair of Speedo Jnr Goggles: (value $20 each) PLUS
A ten visit Aquarobic Passes: (value $99 each) PLUS
A NAC/EB Swim Visor (value $15 each)

NAC: Lily Levison , Tanisha Galea , Akeda Deacon, Jackson Miller, Jana Bansemer, Harry Scott

EB: April Monteleone , Isobel Skye Reece, Tamsyn Le, Sebastian Sheaves, Claire Miller , Ayla Peake

Due to an overwhelming response we have awarded an extra 20 prizes for effort – a pair of Stinger Goggles! Winners as below! Congratulations to all!

NAC: Lily Moore, Tyler, Lucy Klemesrd, Jack , Amelia Renny, Madeline Renny , Lincoln Moore, Hayley Tuovinen, Hannah , Dani Tuovinen, Christopher McAuley, Ethan Scott

EB: Matthew Maples, Emilee Atkins , Jake Murphy , Ashleigh Long, Sophia Lovell, Makayla Robinson, Chase Carter, Isabella Michael