Spring is nearly here – let’s make Spring SAFER.

With the warmer weather on it’s way, it’s time to talk about safety. Safer Swimming is really at the heart of everything that we do. Even 1 unnecessary drowning death is 1 too many. Last summer was, quite simply, horrific, with an unprecedented amount of drownings, especially in NSW, across a range of ages, genders, backgrounds and circumstances. Every single one of these drownings is a tragedy that affects the family, friends and community forever.
From Dec 10 2016 to Jan 3 2017, at least 22 people drowned in NSW – nearly 1 a day. Five NSW children under the age of five drowned in backyard pools in that 25 day period. RLS statistics showed only six drownings of under fives in the whole of the 2015-16 financial year, and just two in backyard pools.
We love water in Australia but a lot of us just take it for granted and it is a tragedy just waiting to happen. That moment of inattention while you should be watching the kids in the pool, the brain snap where you leave your child unsupervised in the bath, the assumption that someone else is watching the kids, the bucket of water for the dog that will fascinate your toddler, and the list goes on.
What can you do to minimise the risk? There are lots of messages and slogans but really it’s very simple. You’re already a legend because you have your child in swimming lessons. Remove any standing water that could possibly be an attraction. Educate children about water safety. Make sure all the pool barriers are secure, and the biggie, supervise your children and don’t get distracted.
Help us spread the SAFER Swimming message throughout our community. Did you know we conduct free Water Safety Visits in schools, pre schools and childcare centres, where we educate about water safety through stories, songs and fun! If you would like our mascot Paddles the Platypus visit your school or centre, please email julie@nepeanswim.com.au – or visit our website for more details.
Do you know of children that can’t swim then encourage the parents to do something about it. Can you swim? We run adult lessons too!
See you soon at the pool!